Je suis Julien Servelle Ostéopathe D.O. MROF, né en 1984 à Strasbourg, France.

Après 6 ans d’études et plus de 10 ans d’expérience professionnelle en France en tant qu’ostéopathe libéral et 5 ans en tant qu’enseignant au COS Strasbourg Europe, je vous accueille désormais à Tokyo Therapy & Wellness Center, un chaleureux espace de consultations au coeur de Tokyo!

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Je suis Julien, diplômé du collège Ostéopathique de Provence


  • Diplômé du Collège Ostéopathique de Provence à Marseille (Etablissement agréé par le Ministère de la Santé, de la Jeunesse et des Sports) en 2009
  • Expérience dans le sport professionnel notamment en 2008 avec le Rugby Club Toulonnais (RCT), Triple Champion d’Europe de Rugby
  • Manager du Cabinet d’Ostéopathie “Notre Dame” à Strasbourg de 2008 à 2018
  • Enseignant au Collège Ostéopathie Strasbourg Europe (COS) de 2015 à 2018
  • Membre du Registre des Ostéopathes de France (ROF) depuis 2009
  • Co-fondateur de Tokyo Therapy & Wellness Center (TTWC)

Les consultations

Consultations sur rendez-vous par courriel, par l’application Line et par téléphone :


  • à Tokyo Therapy & Wellness Center, Omotesando
  • à domicile
  • en entreprise

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Téléphone : 070-3227-2113

  • I more than highly recommend. Came to see Julien Servelle and Sébastien Bailet Kojima for a throbbing back pain for over a year and a recent but violent pain in the ankle. Came out after two sessions feeling like my body had looked 10 years younger and no more pain in my back and ankle. I have been to see many osteopaths in my life, but there I was completely amazed. Their different approaches seem to complement each other and have worked wonders for me. The session is a little expensive but it is justified since there are two of them working. A great listen too. I really sincerely recommend.

    Le Pou Avatar Le Pou
    March 6, 2023

    Julien and Sébastien were recommended to me by several friends and clearly live up to their reputation. It's impressive in just one session how they managed to soothe my pain. The cabinet is also very bright and therefore pleasant. My only regret is that I didn't hear about them sooner!

    Emmanuelle J. Avatar Emmanuelle J.
    April 21, 2022

    Magicians! Super attentive, professional and kind. The treatment was very pleasant and they really did magic with my body.

    Ana Kondic Avatar Ana Kondic
    December 13, 2021
  • I went for the 4 hands osteopathy option with Julien and Sebastien, and what a relief! They both worked together to identify the issues, combining their skills to offer the best care possible. It is a tad on the expensive side, and unfortunately it isn't covered by health insurance, but this is definitely worth it, I would recommend 100%!

    Félix Goux Avatar Félix Goux
    November 5, 2021

    The place to go to reset your body to normal working conditions. Julien and Sebastien do a great job working together with “4 hands”. Their different approach becomes complementary to analyse and treat the problems you may have. They speak French, English and Japanese. Highly recommended!

    Xavier Lochu Avatar Xavier Lochu
    December 9, 2020